Life through the eyes of a Quaker parrot.



I spend my days watching and stalking the crazed budgies. Stephie is in a spring mood, trying to squeeze herself in any possible holes and openings around the apartment. Manuel assists her loyally, chasing Puffy away. Even Mom is losing her nerves, when the budgies fly over her head back and forth like crazy, and create so much wind that she has to cover herself with a blanket!

Stupid stinky budgies, no matter how much I try, I cannot catch them. On Sunday, Mom and Dad watched me follow the budgies around the room, and laughed like crazy! They say it’s a comedy show… Stephie has become aggressive and started attacking me from the air. Of course, I have gotten in a weird mood too, sitting in my cage and trying to weave bamboo skewers through the bars. It never works, but I don’t stop trying. And you should see me, when the Kid changes my water and food dishes! I yell at her so much, they can probably hear me in the whole neighborhood!

Spring is weird like that. Oh and, by the way, happy Earth Day! And what about you? Have any of you become super crazy for spring?

One response

  1. My foster cockatoo would have a routine with some rope doggy toys in the morning. o_O

    August 17, 2014 at 10:23 am

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